Cigar Shapes, Sizes and Colors

A cigar shape can vary greatly in size from brand to brand, so describing a cigar by its size as well as shape is important. Cigars are measured by two factors: length, which is given in inches, and “ring gauge,” a designation of a cigar’s diameter broken into 64ths of an inch. A cigar with a 42 ring gauge, for example, is 42/64 of an inch in diameter.

10 Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

The comforting world of premium cigars can sometimes seem bogged down by endless choices, confusing messages and opinions posing as fact. To help navigate the maze, we’ve assembled a list of facts and information that aim to give insight and perspective to every level of cigar aficionado, whether novice or inveterate.

Top 25 Cigars Archive

It’s one thing to make a good cigar. It’s something else to make a great cigar. But it’s something else entirely to make a great cigar over and over again. And that kind of consistency is precisely what is required to make Cigar Aficionado’s list of Top 25 cigars.

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